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Horse Resourcing

If you are looking for impulses how to lead your employees, projects or networks,

If you are looking for a sustainable behavioral training regarding topics like team development, communication, goal determination or strategy definition,


If you want to reorganize your company or team and if you want to apply the principles of organisational mindfulness to make your team more flexible ,


If you want to know how you can manage diversity actively and effectively,



then you should definitely go on here.

Business Resourcing

If you are interested in handling conflicts in a professional way and are looking for an effective conflict management,


If you want to tackle the development of strategic matters, future visions, leading roles or change management processes by engaging the people of your organisation,


If you want to supervise the quitting of an employee in the context of new placement in a professional way,


If you are looking for a concept to develop your organisational culture or your employer branding,



then you should definitely go on here.


Heike Andreschak

Heike Andreschak has more than 20 years of experience in consulting companies of different sectors and sizes. She led the working team ‘‘Personalmarketing‘‘ in the ddn (Das deutsche Demografie Netzwerk) and is authorized to supervise processes in the context oft he INQA-audit ‘‘Zukunftsfähige Unternehmenskultur‘‘. Learn more ...