What Business Resourcing is about

Future-oriented people have the chance to get inspired. They can get impulses and concepts to enhance conflict consistency and efficiency of work. Additionally they can learn about the sense of responsibility and mindfulness with regard to the establishment of an appreciated organisational culture as well as a new quality of work. 

Conflict management & Mediation:

Conflicts in companies do not only have negative consequences for interpersonal relationships but they also cause measureable costs. Processes do not run smoothly or not at all. Conflicts emerge particularly in times of changes. Reliability and efficiency, agility and the ability for change are aspects which you can optimize by more conflict consistency.


If you are wondering about the way how your company can handle conflicts, you should contact ANDESCHAK.biz. We are going to support you and your company by means of mediation, moderation and negotiation in a concrete case or we help with the development and implementation of a conflict management system.


This is how we can support you to improve conflict management in your organisation:

Check up conflict and change ability

Workshop ‚conflict consistency‘ for teams

Clarification of existing individual conflicts

Introduction of a conflict management system

Seminar: Conflict clarification for leaders

Seminar: Communication and conflict


Nowadays employees want to get more involved in decision processes. The importance of the own work has to be experienced. Therefore it is essential for future-oriented companies to cooperate with their employees when it comes to the development of new topics and the introduction of changes.


ANDRESCHAK.biz supports you with modern forms of moderation for your teams and also for bigger groups. Modern approaches are Appreciative Inquiry, a so called Future Conference or World Café for example.

Employer Branding & Organisational Culture:

Regarding employees as a client is the central approach of all projects that deal with employer branding. The existing organisational culture is very essential for this topic. With an organisational culture which can't be felt by everybody, there will be no long term commitment of employees or candidates.


ANDRESCHAK.biz is going to support you if you want to make your organisation a pleasant partner for your factual and potential employees.


On your way to make your organisational culture more vivid the audit ‘‘Zukunftsfähige Unternehmenskultur‘‘ could be a first step where ANDRESCHAK.biz can support you.


New Placement is a professional support for employees who are going to quit the organisation. New Placement assists to gain new competences and methods for a professional reorientation.


Thereby the process of quitting will be influenced positively. Moreover a new placement process will increase your attractiveness as an employer.


ANDRESCHAK.biz supports the quitting employees with an analysis of the situation, the development of a competence profile and the development of an application strategy including support for the written application. Additionally a professional interview training with a recruiting expert is offered. The whole process will be supervised.

"Trust is the biggest business commodity of the decade. Without trust relationships any businesses falter"

Stephen R. Covey