Special Moments: trainings with horses

Leadership and team trainings with horses offer a new und profound way of learning: Learning by doing or experiential learning addressing both -  the head and the heart. Look at the following projects of Horse Assisted Learning that made me feel happy about doing that work:

Photo: Michael Braun, Medienhaus Waltrop

 „Being a herd: Teamtraining with Horses“ was the titel of the training with horses that ANDRESCHAk.biz and Schröer Consulting carried out for the central office of a German Association of Service Organisations (KVD e.V.). The members of the team experienced the challenges of leadership and the differences in leadership behaviour, the importance of respect, trust and authenticity and learned to see and appreciate each others strengths.


Summing up the day Markus Schröder (CEO KVD) said: „More executives should visit a training like that.“  learn more ...

Photo: Chris Ernsten, Schröer Consulting

Collective Intelligence, augmenting knowledge and optimasing the benefit of networking were the topics of a very special evening event with the "Verband Deutscher Unternehmerinnen (VdU) Bocholt", a German Association of female entrepreneurs.


In this 3-hours workshop the horses showed very impressively the benefits of collective intelligence and short theoretical sessions helped to transfer the experience into daily business and networking activities.

Photo: Sven Betz, Quelle: Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt (BBV-net)

In June we participated in the "3. Deutschen Diversity-Tag", a day carried out by the "Charta der Vielfalt" when organisations start activities on diversity all over Germany.


We had a very 'diverse' group of participants with students, workers, executives and apprentices, german and foreign people, old and young, male and female people who experienced diversity through special exercises with the horses and a short theoretical input about diversity and what is discussed around it in companies. The local newspaper "Bocholter-Borkener-Volksblatt (BBV)"  reported on it ...

Photo: ANDRESCHAK.biz and skills in motion

The Art of Leadership - Leadership Live Experience: An open seminar, that was carried out by ANDRESCHAK.biz and skills in motion at a beautiful place with beautiful spanish horses near Koblenz.


Step by step the participants were introduced to the horses and worked with them on the following topics: personality, communication, personal leadership style and teamwork. Here you can watch the video!